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Soul Shine is a high vibrational boutique offering you a calm space to shop and explore healing practices.

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Healing in the Cards comes from the philosophy that Tarot and Oracle card reading should be used to help people gain insight into themselves and their lives and provide healing and guidance. 

Card reading is how I started and I have moved on to learn other healing modalities and embrace my ability as a Medium, now they all work together to enhance my offerings. 

Alyssa is an Intuitive Medium, Tarot Card Reader and Authentic Usui Reiki Practitioner as well as a Master Martial Artist. 


Positive Vibes

Hi,  I am Tracy, owner of Positive Vibes and one of the healing practitioners located inside of Soul Shine Mountain Top ,PA . I am a Yoga Alliance registered teacher and have been teaching yoga in the Mountain Top area since 2013.
My passion for holistic health and healing expanded my learning into a certified meditation coach, holistic health coaching and Reiki Master.
I offer custom yoga and meditation classes, holistic health coaching and reiki sessions. I am also an Ear Seeds Practitioner.
You can also join me in weekly meditation classes and some of the many special events that are held at Soul Shine.
Please check back here or Soul Shine page , to see what our team of talented practitioners can offer you. I am 
certified and insured.


Empowered Wellness by Nikki O'Malley



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359 S Mountain Blvd
Mountain Top, Luzerne County 18707


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